Processing charges and Payment Options

There is no hidden charge for the submiting paper for review,but author of each accepted paper is required to pay the publication processing charge which is very nominal fees as below


Payment Mode : For Indian Authors

Direct Deposit

All the Indian Authors can pay directly deposit the publication Charges in the bank Account furnished in the acceptance mail,soon after getting acceptance .

Online Payment

Online Process- The online Payment method is very easy, fast and secure method. You simply need a Credit Card /Debit Card(ATM Card)/Net Banking

Pay Online

For Foreign Authors

All Foreign Authors can deposit the publication charges using one of the following options


All the Foreign Authors whose papers are accepted for publication may please deposit publication charges by credit card/debit card/visa card/master card using PayPal.

select one of the following options
Paper ID is Mandatory

Wire Transfer

  All the Foreign Authors whose papers are accepted for publication may please make use of the online Wire transfer (also called as SWIFT transfer) by using SWIFT code which is given in acceptance mail.

Western Union / Money Gram

  Payment is also accepted through Telegraphic means like Western UnionMoney Gram or by using International

  Postal Money Orders. For further details they may please contact [email protected]

 Once the payment is done please send the below details to the concerned journal editor in chief

  • First and last name of the sender
  • City and country the money was sent from
  • Amount
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)/ Money Gram Reference Number


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