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Secure Data Communication Using IDEA for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks

Atish D.  Buddhe , Prof. Hirendra R. Hajare, , ,
BIT Ballarpur Gondwana University ,India

Nowadays Disruption tolerant network technologies are getting to be distinctly well known that permit wireless devices supported by soldiers to communicate with each other and access the confidential information or command consistently by abusing external storage nodes. The absolute most challenging issues in this scenario are the enforcement of authorization policies and the policies update for secure data retrieval. Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption is a promising cryptographic solution to the access control issues. However, the problem of applying CP-ABE in decentralized DTNs introduces several security and privacy challenges with regard to the attribute revocation, key escrow, and coordination of attributes issued from different authorities. We propose a secure data retrieval scheme using IDEA for decentralized DTNs where multiple key authorities manage their attributes independently. We demonstrate how to apply the proposed mechanism to productively deal with the classified information conveyed in the distributed in the disruption-tolerant military network.

Atish Budhhe, Prof. Hirendra R. Hajare ," Secure Data Communication Using IDEA for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant MilitaryNetworks”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 3(12):625-628,December-2016.

Keywords : — CP-ABE, Access control, attribute-based encryption (ABE), Dsruption-tolerant network (DTN), IDEA, multiauthority, secure data retrieval.

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