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A Survey of Big Data Analytics in Banking and Health Care today

P.Siva Kumar, B.Murthujavali, Surya Pogu Jayanna, ,
Asst.Professor,Department of Computer Science and Engineering.,G.Pullaiah College of Engineering & Technology (GPCET), Kurnool

This paper gives an perception of how we can disclose added value from the data generated by healthcare and banking sector where Health care Organizations and Financial institutions are making use of Big Data in big ways, from boosting cyber security to reducing customer or Patient churn, cultivating customer or Patient loyalty, and more through innovative and personalized offerings that make effective services. Large amount of heterogeneous data is generated by these organizations. But without proper data analytics methods these data became useless. Big Data Analytics using Hadoop plays an effective role in performing meaningful real-time analysis on the huge volume of data and able to predict the emergency situations before it happens. It describes about the big data use cases in healthcare and banking sectors.

P.Siva Kumar,B.Murthujavali,Surya Pogu Jayanna”, A Survey of Big Data Analytics in Banking and Health Care today”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 3(12):632-638,December-2016.

Keywords : Big Data, Hadoop, Healthcare,Banking, Map-Reduce.

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