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Design of a System to Import Common Information of an Applicant from a Centralized Database While Filling Online Recruitment Application Form

Govind Prasad Arya, Devendra Prasad,

Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun, Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering Department, Shivalik College of Engineering, Dehradun, India

In the past recruitment application forms were filled on papers by the candidates and then the filled forms were sent to the recruitment organization through postal services. But in current scenario most of the recruitment organizations are providing the facility of filling application forms online to the candidates. The candidate fills various application forms on regular basis due to higher degree of unemployment. It takes quite long to fill an application form as so many information like name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, gender, addresses, qualification details, work experience has to be filled by candidate every time while filling the application forms of each recruitment organization. Sometimes the candidate has to fill the same information multiple times due to improper internet connectivity. It is also difficult to fill an application form using mobile because of the complex application interface. The applicants who have good computer knowledge may be comfortable with the filling of such complex forms online but it is very tedious task for a candidate having little knowledge of computer. In this research paper we propose a system that will import the common information of an applicant from a centralized database while filling recruitment application forms of various organizations. It will minimize the overheads of filling online application form. The applicants will be able to fill application form by a single click on import button available on the GUI interface of an online application form. The applicants who have basic knowledge of computer system will also be able to fill their recruitment application forms using proposed system. Methods/Statistical analysis: We feel the problem personally while filling online recruitment application forms. Every time the candidates have to fill the same set of information which is time consuming. Findings: The common information of the candidates can be stored in a centralized database from which the candidate can import his/her data while filling online application forms. Improvements/Applications: We have proposed a system for filling of common information of candidates in online application form using a centralized database which contains common information of candidates. Using the system we can save our time by importing of common information from the centralized database

Govind Prasad Arya, Devendra Prasad, “Design of a System to Import Common Information of an Applicant from a Centralized Database While Filling Online Recruitment Application Form ”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(1):30-32, January-2017. [InnoSpace-2017:Special Edition]

Keywords : Online Services, IT Professionals, Software Engineering, Online Application Form, Import Information, Centralized Database, Online Application form from centralized database.


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