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Automotive Tyres: Study on Vehicle Computerized Wheel Alignment”

Dr. Porag Kalita, , , ,


Buying high quality tyres, buying the proper size for any automobiles, buying from a reputable tyre retailer, are of all these things are importance for tyre safety, long tyre life and driving satisfaction. While alignment is that aligning the front wheels relative to each other. Setting of castor, camber, toe-in or toe-out and king pin inclination. Computerized wheel alignment, a series of tests and adjustments to ensure that wheels and tyres are properly positioned on the vehicle. There are two types of wheel aligners, i.e. Mechanical types, which is attach to the wheel spindle and some have light beams that display the measurement on a computer screen and others are electronic that indicate the measurements on meter, display or printouts. Many vehicles today are equipped with a rear suspension design that allows adjustments for rear wheel alignment or with a design that requires a rear wheel check. When a rear suspension is not in alignment, it may create problems for the front as well as the rear wheels problems like an apparent crooked steering wheel, camber or toe induced front tyre wear and directional pull or lead. Vehicles have changed the suspension , steering and drive train design all require a total vehicle i.e. four wheels approaches to alignment for proper performance of today’s vehicles.

Dr. Porag Kalita et al., International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends Volume 3, Issue 2, February-2016, pp. 70-75

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