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Vani Sri.S, Sneha.S, Dr.G.Umarani Srikanth, ,
1Computer science and engineering department, S.A.Engineering College, Chennai

The objective of this paper is to save electric power to detect human using a PIR sensor. We often leave the place without switching off lights, fans and Air Conditioner etc. Therefore electricity is getting wasted. Here we have done a power saving in which electricity cost will be saved by sensing the movement of people entering or by leaving out the room. If the sensor identifies that there are no persons present inside the room, then electrical appliances will be turned OFF automatically. If any person enters the room, automatically devices will be turned ON. Here we are separately controlling every electrical appliance by specifying the area. We can also vary the speed of the fan by sensing the room temperature. If the temperature is more the speed of the fan will even more. If there is no user in the room, it switches off the lights, fans, or AC with the help of interface which is in between the switchboard of appliances and PIR sensor. DC relay is also used for the turn ON and turn OFF of the electrical devices according to the output which is in the PIC controller circuit. How many appliances are turned on can also be checked through online? If anyone wants to see who are present inside the room can also be seen with their images on the cloud.

Vani Sri.S,Sneha.S,Dr.G.Umarani Srikanth.(2018). POWER SAVING SYSTEM USING SENSOR OVER IoT. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(2), 25-29. Retrieved from

Keywords : Internet of thing, Cloud, PIR Sensor, Relay, Appliances, ESP8266, Arduino

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