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A Microcontroller Based Smart Helmet Using GSM &GPS Technology in Construction Sites

Sherif Kamel Hussein, ,

Associate Professor- Department of Communications and Computer Engineering, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Giza, Egypt

Nowadays due to the regular increase in population number that leads to building a new city to accommodate the extra number of people so, there will be more sites that contain a lot of workers, and to save workers life we have to make a tool with smart actions to keep workers life safe. Many techniques were offered before based on different technologies like Zigbee, Radio Frequency identifications (RFIDs). The smart helmet is the proposed solution that will keep track the worker health conditions, environmental conditions, and locate his place in the site by using ARM microcontroller, GPS, GSM modules and a group of sensors.

Sherif Kamel Hussein (2018). A Microcontroller Based Smart Helmet Using GSM &GPS Technology in Construction Sites. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(2), 65-71. Retrieved from

Keywords : Global system for mobile (GSM), Global Positioning System (GPS), Low Drop-Out Advanced Risk Machine(ARM), ATtention (AT), Digital Cellular systems( DCS), Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

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