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B. Lakshmi, M. Kavya,

Department of Computer Applications, V.R.S.E.C, Vijayawada -7, Andhra Pradesh, India

The Shopping Mall Management System will allow more than one shop owner to set up different shops, to sell various products under one roof, i.e. mall. The mall performs the creation of a set of different shops, such as a bookstore, a shoe store, clothes store, jewellery store etc. In the existing mechanism, customers need to search for the shop’s manually in a mall. Shop owners also directly contact the mall administrator for their new shop setup. Even mall administrator also maintains the shop’s data manually. It is like storing information in records. It will create the burden for the management to keep all the records. It is a very much time-consuming process. The article is going to develop a web-based application which is shopping mall management system. This application can be applied to any shop. The Mall owner is the super user and has complete control over all the activities that can be performed. The app notifies the administrator of all shop creation requests, and the administrator can then approve or reject them. The administrator maintains whole mall database. That means updating, deletion, reset tasks are managed.

B. Lakshmi,M. Kavya (2018). OUTLET SUPERVISOR: LEADERSHIP AND OVERSIGHT FOR CUSTOMERS. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(3), 72-76. Retrieved from

Keywords : outlet, oversight, supervision, opportunistic, architecturally

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