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Performance Analysis of Various Encryption and Multilevel Encryption Techniques for Cloud Computing Security

Prof. (Ms.) Kimaya Ambekar, Prof. (Dr.) R. Kamatchi ,

1. Asst. Professor, Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research ,2.Professor, Amity University

Cloud computing has been seen as a revolutionary transformation from buy-as-you-need to pay-as-you-use of IT resources. Many organizations have adopted this huge paradigm shift but still, the cloud industry is seeing a little hesitation in adopting Cloud technology. Security is the prominent barrier. Encryption algorithms that can be used in the cloud computing for confidentiality purpose. Here in this paper, a complete analysis of various crypto-graphical algorithms has done. If the application demands quicker response time then one should use Blowfish Algorithm. If the application demands lesser memory space then one should opt Blowfish / AES algorithm. If an application requires more security AES and Blowfish are major considerations. If Applications need more security then for 2nd level of encryption RSA if the best algorithm.

Prof. (Ms.) Kimaya Ambekar, Prof. (Dr.) R. Kamatchi (2018). Performance Analysis of Various Encryption and Multilevel Encryption Techniques for Cloud Computing Security. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(4), 122-128. Retrieved from

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