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A Review on Cryptography Techniques using DNA Computing

Pritesh Bhimani, , , ,
Computer Engineering, Diwaliba Polytechnic

Cryptography and steganography are one of the most critical and needed areas of computer and data security. A mixer of both can make more secure the data. Cryptography is the way to secure the transfer data from sender to receiver. Steganography is a way to ensure the data by the hiding it. One new term is added with the Cryptography for making data more secure is DNA. DNA cryptography is a new hopeful way in cryptography research. DNA can be used to store and transmit the information with the more secure method and most used to perform the computation. Combination of DNA and Cryptography make sure for the security in this world. Nowadays DNA cryptography is in the development phase, and it requires lots of work, efforts and research to reach a fully developed stage. This paper describes different DNA based cryptography techniques that increase the security of cryptography techniques.

Pritesh Bhimani (2018). A Review on Cryptography Techniques using DNA Computing . International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(6), 187-191. Retrieved from

Keywords : DNA structure, Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR), Central Dogma of Molecular biology, DNA digital coding, DNA Cryptography, RSA, OTP, IDEA.

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