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Mining Frequent Patterns Using Multiprocessor Architecture for Improving Efficiency

Ms.Priyanka D. Patil, Prof. Dinesh D. Patil , , ,
1. PG Scholar Student 2. HOD of Computer Science and Engineering

Numerous analysts have developed plans to create the frequent item sets. The time required for producing persistent itemises plays a vital role. A few calculations are planned, concerning as it was the time factor. Our examination incorporates profundity investigation of calculations what's more, talks about a few issues of producing incessant itemsets from the calculation. We propose a productive parallel approach called Parallel Dynamic Bit Vector Frequent Closed Sequential Patterns (pDBV-FCSP) merging with Apriori and FP growth utilizing multi-core processor for mining FCSPs from huge databases. The pDBV-FCSP isolates the interest space to diminish the required storage space and performs conclusion checking of prefix groupings appropriate on time to reduce execution time for mining customary example of progressive cases. This approach conquers the issues of parallel mining, for example, overhead of correspondence, synchronization and information replication. It likewise comprehends the heap adjust issues of the workload between processors with a dynamic component that re-appropriates the work when a few procedures are out of work to limit the site without moving CPU time.

Ms.Priyanka D. Patil,Prof. Dinesh D. Patil (2018). Mining Frequent Patterns Using Multiprocessor Architecture for Improving Efficiency. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(6), 192-201. Retrieved from

Keywords : data mining, dynamic bit vectors, dynamic load balancing, multi-core processors, closed sequential patterns.

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