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Piracy Detection of Video Contents by Signature Matching Method

Aishwarya. M. Chavan, , , ,
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, DKTE‘s TEI (An Autonomous Institute), Ichalkaranji, India

Security has become the primary concern to protect the critical and sensitive information such as multimedia. A problem faced by nowadays is that multimedia contents are getting pirated on a large scale. These contents need to be protected from getting duplicated. The primary goal is to detect the duplication of both 2D and 3D video contents. Essential components in identifying the piracy are the generation of unique signatures and a matching engine to match them. The system detects pirated multimedia contents.

Aishwarya. M. Chavan (2018). Piracy Detection of Video Contents by Signature Matching Method. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(7), 202-206. Retrieved from

Keywords : 3D SBS, SUFR, video signatures, KD Tree.

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