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Effects of Processes Forcing on CPU and Total Execution-Time Using Multiprocessor Shared Memory System

Dr. Subhi R. M. Zeebaree, Karwan Jacksi, , ,


In this paper the applications of Shared Memory systems towards the implementation of the Parallel Processing approach is provided. Multiple tasks can be dealt with the applications of such systems by using the principles of Shared Memory Parallel Processing programming called Application-Program. The influences of forcing processes amongst processes of Shared Memory system relying on Parallel Processing approach principals are given. These influences are related with computing total and CPU execution times. The CPU usage is also determined with its changing manner depending on the load size and the number of participated CPUs.

Dr. Subhi R. M. Zeebaree,Karwan Jacksi."Effects of Processes Forcing on CPU and Total Execution-Time Using Multiprocessor Shared Memory System". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) ,ISSN:2349-7084 ,Vol.2, Issue 04,pp.275-279, April - 2015, URL :,

Keywords : Parallel processing, shared memory, multi-core, multi-processors, multiprocessor shared memory system, processing units, computing, program instructions.

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