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Implementation of Motion Model Using Vanet

Komal Patil, Geeta Mahajan, Disha Patil and Chitra Mahajan, ,


A collection of mobile nodes is known as ad-hoc network in which wireless communication network is used to connect these mobile nodes. A major requirement on the MANET is to provide unidentifiability and unlinkability for mobile nodes During the last few decades, continuous progresses in wireless communications have opened new research fields in computer networking, goal of extending data networks connectivity to environments where wired solutions are impracticable. Among these, vehicular traffic is attracting a increasing attention from both academic and industry, due to the amount and importance of the related applications, ranging from road safety to traffic control, up to mobile entertainment. Vehicular Ad-hoc Network(VANETs) are self-organized networks built up from moving vehicles, and are part of the broader class of Mobile Ad-hoc Net- works(MANETs). Because of their peculiar characteristics, VANETs require the definition of specific networking techniques, whose feasibility and performance are usually tested by means of simulation. One of the main challenges posed by VANETs simulations is the faithful characterization of vehicular mobility at both macroscopic and microscopic levels, leads to realistic non-uniform distributions of cars and velocity, and unique connectivity dynamics. There are various secure routing protocols have been proposed, but the requirement is not satisfied. The existing protocols are unguarded to the attacks of fake routing packets. Simulation results have demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed AODV protocol with improved performance as compared to the existing protocols.

Patil Komal, et al., International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends Volume 3, Issue 4, April-2016, pp. 179-182

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