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Study on PASS: A Parallel Activity-Search System

M.Tech (CS), Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sri Indu Institute of Engineering and Technology, R.R Dist Telengana, India

In this paper we investigate on set of activities presented via temporal stochastic automata, partitions of activities based on level based events, in this connection our investigation on issues with activity creations on temporal multi-activity graph in order to address this issues as our proposed system how system used PASS architecture with various implementation parts with that coordinates computations across nodes in the cluster and also shown that this algorithms enables to handle both large numbers of observations per second as well as large merged graphs. And also shown Partitioning times vs. TMAG size for different partitioning schemes and TMAG densities (sparseS, dense-D), averaged over number of compute nodes.

MADIPADIGA VENKATESH,V .RAMESH."Study on PASS: A Parallel Activity-Search System". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) ,ISSN:2349-7084 ,Vol.2, Issue 11,pp.785-790, November- 2015, URL :,

Keywords : Activity detection, temporal stochastic automata, parallel computation.

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