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Implementation of Optimization Using Eclat and PSO for Efficient Association Rule Mining

M.Sathya, Dr.K.Thangadurai,

PG and Research Department of Computer Science, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Karur, India,

In this paper, the IEPSO-ARM technique used Eclat algorithm for generating the association rules. With help of Eclat algorithm, IEPSO-ARM technique initially estimates the support value to find the frequent items in the dataset and then determines correlation value to generate the association rules. Finally, the IEPSO-ARM technique designed an Eclat based Particle Swarm Optimization (E-PSO) algorithm for generating the optimized association rule to analyze the frequently buying products by customer in supermarkets and to improve sales growth maintenance of supermarkets. The performance of IEPSO-ARM technique is tested with the metrics such as running time for frequent itemset generation, memory for association rule generation and number of rules generated.

M.Sathya, Dr.K.Thangadurai, “Implementation of Optimization Using Eclat and PSO for Efficient Association Rule Mining”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(1):4-8, January-2017.

Keywords : frequent item set, Eclat, PSO, association rule mining, supermarkets

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[14] Sample Dataset for Market Basket Analysis:  

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