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Youth Involvement in the Social Media for Discussing Social Problems

Dr.Basayya M Hosurmath, , , ,
Lecturer, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Davangere University, Davangere
:10.22362/ijcert/2017/v4/i3/xxxx [UNDER PROCESS]

We can’t assume the society without the communication. As we know presently we all are very near, we are not alone, we all can share our thoughts, experience, ideas, information from anywhere, anytime and with anyone. That is all only possible from the inventions of new communication technologies. In every field we are using different tools for the communication as per the requirements.Hence, the impact of new technology is much in day to day life. As we know man is a Social Animal. He can not live without the society.To live in the society he defended on the society one or the other reason. Hence, to have good relation with the society he needs to communication to express his needs. In the beginning from the body language and verbal symbols man was expressing his feelings and needs. Later, after the invention of the language, communication became very easy. The later invention given extra feather to the communication. Invention of Print, Radio, TV. and New Media made it possible to communicate with mass people at the same time. In the latest technology the invention of computer and internet have given more opportunities for the communication.And it converged all media in one network. Internet technology has became the platform for the Social Network. The introduction of www(World Wide Web) concept by Tim Burners Lee in 1989 Social Network has became the place where society is involved in one network for sharing thoughts, ideas, expressions, information etc. about political, economical, social issues or subjects as per their requirements. In 1990 has made to get in touch with the similar kind of people. With these Asian Avenue Black, Planet and Gente Profile also have started its service. The recent and most used social networks are Facebook and twitter. Facebook is on of the social network which has highest number of user in the world. And Twitter is in the second place.These social networks not only remained as the tool of sharing pictures, videos, text or a personal information. It is also used as the tool for creating social awareness in the society. Social awareness subjects like corruption, food wastage, new plans, social behaviour, good governance etc. are discussed in these networks and attracting many people towards this type of subjects.

Dr.Basayya M Hosurmath, “Youth Involvement in the Social Media for Discussing Social Problems”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(3):81-85, March-2017.

Keywords : Scoial Media , Facebook and twitter, Questionnaire and analyse.

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