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GST- Present and Future


Former Assistant Professor Hindu College (Commerce Department), Sonipat -131001, Haryana, India
:10.22362/ijcert/2017/v4/i6/xxxx [UNDER PROCESS]

This paper is an analysis of the impact of GST (Goods and Services Tax) on Indian Taxation System. Here, we will study with a brief description of the historical scenario of Indian Taxation and its tax structure. Here, we are going to study about the present tax system and the impact of implementing GST in Indian Economy. The changed indirect tax system GST- Goods and Service Tax is planned to execute in India. Govt does not yet declare the GST implementation. And the implementation of GST law is under process. It is going to be implemented on 1st July 2017. The objective will be to maintain a common point between the basic structure and design of CGST, SGST, and SGST between states. In this article, I have started with the history of taxation in India after that I have included various opportunities and challenges, proposed work and various impacts of GST on Economy that GST brings before us to strengthen our free market economy.

BHAWNA MUKARIA .(2017).GST- Present and Future.International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends,4(6),236-242.Retrieved from

Keywords : GST (Goods ad Service Tax), VAT (Value Added Tax), CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax), SGST (State Goods and Service Tax), I-GST (Integrated Goods and Service Tax)

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